I've finally gotten around to creating a blog with Pelican. Pelican is a simple static site generator, written in Python.

Why Pelican?

I've found it very easy to use, and since the site is static, it can be hosted with GitHub pages.


> pip install pelican

> pelican-themes --install pelican-alchemy/

> pelican -r

The -r will cause it to autoreload if changes are made to the content.

You can use -o to specify the output folder.

If you didn't specify a theme with pelican-themes, you may with -t

--relative-urls can either be specified here, or in pelicanconf.py for development:


> make serve

This will cd into the output directory and run the module pelican.server

(cd /home/charcol/whatever/else/here/output && python -m pelican.server)