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Charelle Collett (charcol) is an information security analyst, interested in operating systems and open source. Previously a technical writer and software engineering intern. Often found at tech and security conferences and likes getting involved.

Travel & Conferences


  • | AV Volunteer

Attended: CrikeyCon, Bsides Canberra

Might attend: PyconAU, Unrestcon, Platypus Camp?


  • Kiwicon | Volunteer
  • CompCon | Co-organiser and MC
  • PyCon AU | AV Volunteer
  • | Volunteer room coordinator

Also attended: CrikeyCon, RubyConf AU, PAX West


  • PyCon AU | Room coordinator and co-organiser of the Pyladies networking breakfast

Also attended: CompCon, PAX Aus


  • PyCon AU | Room coordinator

Other Projects

  • Minimum Security podcast for the Brisbane Internet Safety Meetup group
  • Dubious Disc podcast + videos at Pokemon Australian national championship 2015