This year, Linux Conference Australia (LCA) was held in the brisk, bright city of Hobart, capital of the oft-forgotten state of Tasmania. Honestly, it isn't a ciy I would visit without a reason, but I'm glad LCA drew me out there. The wind was cold and the sun blazed, but the scenery was lovely, as were the locals.

About LCA

LCA is a 5 day conference, Mon-Fri, with 12 miniconfs, and 5 talk tracks with a separate room for tutorials and BoF sessions. A miniconf is a full track on the Monday or Tuesday dedicated to a specific topic, for example security and privacy, kernel, documentation etc. A BoF, birds of a feather, session is an informal meetup for like-minded people, and can be organised by anyone. Examples are the running BoF for people who like to run together early in the morning, martial arts, wool/knitting, astronomy... there are far too many to mention here.

Another part of LCA is all of the social events. There are the offical conference ones, like the Professional Delegates Networking Session (PDNS), speaker's dinner and of course the penguin dinner, but there are also many unofficial events, the unPDNS and various gatherings in local pubs and restaurants. Needless to say it is a very full-on week, but very worthwhile.


This year I was an AV volunteer, which in my opinion, also gets you the best views and audio quality. Thanks to Ryan, Tim and the rest of the AV team, all of the talks were recorded using open hardware and open source software. They were up on YouTube not long after the event and HQ downloads are also available from the Linux Australia mirror.


WebM HQ Encodes:

LCA2017 Video was a collaboration between Next Day Video and the project, with all rooms captured using open hardware (Numato Opsis hardware for HDMI capture), running open source HDMI2USB firmware, using open source video mixers (voctomix), post-processed using open source automation/editors (veyepar, Shotcut).

There are so many talks, it would take a good chunk of time to watch them all. It's really difficult to pick only a few to recommend, especially since everyone's interests are varied, so my advice is to look through the list and see what appeals to you. That said, here are some to get you started:

Concluding thoughts

It takes a lot of people a lot of time and effort to organise something of this scale. I think it was very well run and think Chris and everyone involved did a stellar job in pulling it off so smoothly. LCA2018 will be held in Sydney, during the Sydney festival, and it will be interesting to see how the focus shifts to cater to that audience. While there are so many high quality talks through week that it's difficult to decide what to watch, personally, in the future I'd like to see more workshops and hands-on events, to encourage people creating and collaborating while there, similar to the sprints at Pycon.