** i3 Window Manager is quite well documented. These are mostly notes for my own reference at this stage.

https://i3wm.org/i3status/manpage.html http://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html#_using_workspaces https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html https://fedoramagazine.org/getting-started-i3-window-manager/

Why i3wm?


sudo dnf install i3 i3status dmenu i3lock

Custom configuration

Volume, brightness, lock screen, wallpaper

Swap mouse buttons to be left handed:

|  exec xmodmap -e "pointer = 3 2 1"

Change the movement keys to match vim:

# change focus

bindsym $mod+h focus left

bindsym $mod+j focus down

bindsym $mod+k focus up

bindsym $mod+l focus right

# move focused window bindsym $mod+Shift+h move left bindsym $mod+Shift+j move down bindsym $mod+Shift+k move up bindsym $mod+Shift+l move right

Now that $mod+h is being used to move left, we need to modify the key for horizontal split. I chose 'b' because it's fairly close to h, and next to 'v'. To me it makes sense to have them next to each other.

# split in horizontal orientation bindsym $mod+b split h

# Start network manager exec --no-startup-id nm-applet

i3 Status

Battery monitor

battery 1 {
format = "%status %percentage %remaining"
integer_battery_capacity = true
hide_seconds = true
status_chr = ⚡
status_bat = 🔋


volume master {
format = "♪: %volume"
format_muted = "♪: mute"
device = "default"
mixer = "Master"
mixer_idx = 0

By default, i3status looks for configuration files in the following order:


~/.config/i3status/config (or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/i3status/config if set)


/etc/xdg/i3status/config (or $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/i3status/config if set)